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About Us 

Lafayette Public House brings the city a one stop shop for breakfast, lunch and dinner in our ability to curate each guest experience by keeping service, quality and community at the forefront of everything we do. Whether you're looking to start your day with a cup of specialty coffee, or unwind with a house made margarita our menus are sure to have something for you, your family and even your furry friend. 


The Garden

Wednesday-Saturday nights 

Wednesday through Saturday nights are a big deal here at LPH. A bit of a twist from our morning ordering window, we offer an outdoor bar hut that is sure to give you the feeling that you're on a tropical vacation somewhere in the sand. All open seating, feel free to walk up and grab a table right away! Each table is equipped with our food menu on the front & turned over: offers our wine, beer & house made libations. If you're unsure of what to get, you can't go wrong sticking to our house made margarita as it's become a staple of our afternoon offerings, but don't let us tell you what to do- we have a great selection of local beers, bold & crisp wines & a full bar so you can stick to your favorites. Don't let our food menu fool you, it may be small, but it packs a punch. Designed to have something for everyone, we provide salads, protein bowls, tacos & nachos to help keep the fun going throughout the night. If you're skeptical about the offerings, we assure you this arrangement of flavors of our taco and nachos is something you can't experience anywhere else and worth giving a shot. All food & beverage is ordered at the bar outside, and you can even open a tab to keep the night young. We look forward to seeing you on your next visit with us! 

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Once parked you'll find yourself at the front of LPH, under the lights of our state-of-the-art outdoor patio. Here we offer an ordering window up the ramp where you will find menus on the posts as you wait. Take your time as you look over our vast coffee, cocktail and food offerings- and be sure to scan the area to find our water station, and where you can find sugar, condiments and utensils at the front. After placing your order all drinks from our espresso machine, cocktails, pastries and food can be a bit of a wait so be sure to mobile order on our app if you're in a rush! Take a seat and a breath because you've made it and while we work on your order be sure to enjoy the surroundings while also listening for your name. Our patio is designed to be open seating so that we can cater to groups, individuals or the ones that have to get in and get out. We look forward to you joining us soon!